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Melissa Melissa wrote on July 23, 2023
When Father was a little boy, he received a brand new Tonka truck for either a birthday or Christmas. A toy drive for the poor came up soon after, and he wanted to give the brand new truck to them. My Mom asked him, making sure he wouldn't regret it, "Are you sure you want to give it to the poor? It is brand new." He was sure. He was about 5 years old at the time.
JMJ JMJ wrote on May 9, 2023
The first time we saw Father Gordon was in the back of the Parish Hall during a presentation by a guest speaker. Our blind special needs little daughter was beside us in her wheelchair, kicking her toes in the air and holding her little fists over her eyes as always. Everybody has different responses to the beauty of disabled children, especially the first time seeing them, and Father Gordon's stands out. He could not hide his joy! While still listening to the speaker, he frequently kept looking over at her with the biggest smile, as though he clearly saw the Blessed Trinity shining from her perfectly innocent soul. It was beautiful. He came to meet us after the presentation, and with what we would soon know as his characteristic enthusiasm, rejoiced with us in the gift of God that she was. On a sadder occasion, he consoled us after the death of our little special needs son in a unique way we will never forget, and which helped tremendously. He spoke earnestly of St. Teresa of Avila's words about life being like a night in a bad inn... I can still hear him adding to her thought by having me imagine what that night would be like: leaky roof, freezing cold, dirty, cockroaches ... A place you would want to leave as soon as possible, longing for the first light of day, ready to go! We are trying to remember this now as we miss him so much; he must be overjoyed at having finally left the dark night of this world, to enter an Eternity of light. Requiesce in pace and please pray for us, dear Father Gordon.
Kimberly walters Kimberly walters wrote on May 9, 2023
Father Gordon baptized are two oldest children in 2013 and 2015. I will never forget his tender Love for children when he baptized them. After their baptism, he would bring them to the side altar of our Lady and he would hold them in his arms and kneel with them resting on the altar of our Lady and sing the Salve Regina, and consecrate them to her. It was so beautiful and moving. Yes, humble, joyful, and kind are some of the best words to describe this priest. God is so tender in placing him with his brother during his last moments. I realized too, that he died on the feast of St. Louis de Montfort, which is not coincidence. I have confidence that Our Lady and St. De Montfort have already led him into heaven. May he intercede for all his spiritual children, and be an encouraging example for his fellow priests still here, ministering to souls.
Betty Mundattuchundayil Betty Mundattuchundayil wrote on May 4, 2023
Fr Gordon was a wonderful priest whose presence helped many of us here in Phoenix during the horrible events that occurred in 2014, leading to the death of our dear Fr. Walker. Fr Gordon comforted us, consoled us and cared for us spiritually as we were left heartbroken and inconsolable at such an unexpected and unbearable loss. Fr Gordon came to our house a few times and eased our sadness; during this time we found out that our son was accepted into Seminary, and at our son's farewell party, Fr Gordon joined us to help us be joyful while mourning. A few years ago we had reason to cross paths again with Fr Gordon. A good friend of mine unexpectedly found out she had terminal cancer and she told me she was moving to her son's home in Virginia. She was a nominal Catholic, but was beginning to come back to the faith slowly. She was very intrigued by FSSP due to our son, and began asking questions about the faith. When she moved to Virginia, my husband and I told her to be sure to seek out a priest; once there she called me and told me she was not comfortable asking for a priest; her son was not practicing. So we looked up the closest FSSP apostolate; and yes, our dear Fr Gordon answered our call. We just asked him for suggestions on what to do as his church was 2 hours away from our friend's home. Well, time and distance was not an obstacle for Father; a soul was in need and he earnestly heard the call. He went to my friend, consoled her, heard her confession, administered Anointing of the Sick, and brought her the greatest gift of all: the Blessed Eucharist. Weeks later, my friend's son called me to tell me she had passed away. He said she was at peace after Father's visit, and his presence there had a great impact on her and the family, who witnessed his love for God through his love for her soul. We are so sad that Fr had to leave this world so suddenly. He meant so much to so many. Fr Gordon was an exemplary role model, an eloquent orator, and a most humble priest, who will be greatly missed.
Laura Laura wrote on May 4, 2023
On the morning of April 28 I realized it was the Feast of St. Louis de Montfort. I immediately thought of Fr. Terrance Gordon. I met him in June of 2014 when he came to Mater Misericordiae in the few weeks following the tragedy of Fr. Walker's death, to help our parish. I would never forget, he made such an incredible impression on me. He told me about the Consecration to Jesus through Mary and that it was very important to him in his priestly life, and I never forgot it. That helped me to develop my own devotion to Mary and the consecration. I still have the books he recommended to me in confession. He provided me much needed direction and peace during a very rough time. He definitely struck me as very holy and humble, I have never forgotten him and have always kept him particularly in my nightly prayers for priests. So on the evening of April 28th, what an incredible shock and sadness to receive the news of his passing. But shortly thereafter, again, I realized in amazement that it was on the Feast of St. Louis de Montfort... although an incredibly sad loss, for his brothers, confreres, his family, friends, parishioners, all his loved ones, those of us who were so blessed to be put in his path, especially that he was so young, and so well loved - God's ways are deep, the Feast day just seems fitting. My heart goes out to all who are grieving his loss. I love all the stories. What a blessed life and a beautiful priest. May God bless you abundantly in eternity Fr. Gordon. And may you rest in heavenly peace.
Ave Maria! Ave Maria! wrote on May 4, 2023
He gave my children their First Holy Communion and other Sacraments. He was the most humble person I have ever met, who was so zealous. While in Dallas he prayed at the abortion mills almost daily, and offered Private Masses in the local pregnancy center. He was so close to every family at the Parish. And yes amazing in the Confessional. "... my good brother..." How I miss those words. When he would pray the Rosary with my family he would always pray for his two brother Priests!! Rest in Peace Padre! My family has shed so many tears for our great loss, but mostly tears of deep gratitude for allowing this Holy Priest to help form my children. I wonder if they can find a Church big enough to house all of us who are in mourning. He wore combat boots all the time, as he was truly engaged in the spiritual combat for souls. We now have a great advocate in Heaven. When my son received his First Holy Communion, Fr Gordon saw him and ran up to him before he entered the Church and whispered into his ear and ran into the Sacristy to say Holy Mass. I asked my son what he told him. He said "He asked me to make my intention that all of the people at our Parish become Saints", and I told him I will. This was at Mater Dei.
Mrs. Amanda Evinger Mrs. Amanda Evinger wrote on May 3, 2023
I was his dearest spiritual daughter for years and I would send him this prayer often. Please see the end -- may it console all of our hearts at this time. With the great โค entrusted to me as a spiritual daughter, I pray that my sweetest Lord Jesus bless my dearest father's soul, that he may sleep peacefully with the angels and rise prayerfully and happily with the Saints. I ask St. Therese to be his friend every day and inspire him with little acts of love and sacrifice. May St. Cecelia and St. Gerard to be his companions and keep him from sin, and fill him with the beautiful Light of Jesus Christ. May St. Michael protect him from all evil, harm, temptation and danger and inspire him to be the priest that says continually to the Eternal Father, "I will serve." I pray that St. Raphael and St. Luke will be his friends, his companions and his healers. May the Sacred Heart console him in all of his difficulties and help him embrace his vocation with newfound love and devotion. May the Heavenly Father bless his final hour and console him with the radiant sight of the Blessed Mother."
Joe Joe wrote on May 3, 2023
Fr Gordon was the nicest and holiest priest Iโ€™ve ever met. I still canโ€™t believe he passed he will be missed dearly. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. And May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. ~Amen~
Carmela Lozano Carmela Lozano wrote on May 2, 2023
Father Terrence Gordon was called to confirm our God daughter Perpetua in an emergency situation. Soon after Perpetua was born, her dad did an emergency baptism and soon after her heartbeat started to decrease and she was expected to die within minutes. Father Gordon arrived at the hospital as Perpetua was hanging onto her last breath waiting for Father, it seemed. Once Father arrived, he immediately gave Perpetua the Sacrament of Confirmation and as I remember within seconds, little Perpetua took her last breath. Father Gordon stated,"she had been made a soldier of Christ and an indelible mark was now in her soul". I will never forget witnessing this holy priest coming to do his job of saving souls. I imagine little Perpetua is one of the many souls praying for Father Terrance Gordon's soul. We were so priviledged to have had Father at our Parish for three beautiful years. May he rest in peace!